Commercial Property Management (CPM) strives to promote successful businesses and service providers in The Villages, while preserving our community's hometown charm. Through efficient property management and first rate customer service our goal is to help you reach the growing Villages market.

The Villages established Commercial Property Management (CPM) in 1997 to provide expert, all inclusive management of commercial properties within our community. CPM provides a wide range of services; property and facility management, lease administration and tenant construction oversight. Currently, CPM manages a portfolio of over 4 million square feet.


Delivering world class commercial real estate services throughout dynamic communities


We are a big company with a small company feel and family values. We believe the following values are critical to our success. We strive to promote these values and demonstrate our commitment to them with our words and actions daily.


“The taste of the roast is determined by the handshake of the host.” We believe in creating an atmosphere in every arena which is: Of high quality, friendly, warm, comfortable, clean, honest, welcoming, and like home. We feel the importance and the responsibility of this presentation.


We believe each employee acts as a steward of the resources of The Villages. Stewardship includes prudent decision-making and accountability. We each embrace the full measure of both freedom and responsibility in the execution of our position. We choose to treat The Villages and all its resources as “ours” to nourish and protect.


We provide opportunities for learning and newness. Residents, employees, and all helpers are encouraged to grow and change. We embrace personal and professional progress. We believe in corporate innovation, risk taking, and “out of the box” thinking.


We are committed to excellence in all that we do. Our work ethic reflects a personal pride in our work and pride in our community. We believe in exceeding everyone’s expectations with our effort and our results. We enjoy the good feeling derived from completing a job well done.

Commercial Property Management
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Emergency after hours number after 5:00pm (352) 728-7725

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